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Project managers control every stage of roofing installation from pre-construction through completion. Projects need to be completed on time and within budget, meaning project managers play a pivotal role in the success of their companies.

Cotney Consulting Group offers a self-paced certification program just for those interested in roofing project management. The certification is for those who wish to advance their career to take on a managerial role.

Designed by roofing companies, Cotney’s Roofing Project Management Certification Program will give participants the knowledge and fundaments to achieve success in this position.

Learning modules include:

  • The business of roofing

  • Introduction to project management

  • Project estimating

  • Project risk management

  • Project planning

  • Concepts of project scheduling

  • Production planning

  • Managing time

  • Resource management

  • Project scheduling applications

  • Project coordination

  • Project cost system

  • Project financial management

It requires training and skill to carry out the many duties of a roofing project manager. Learn supervision, roofing techniques, materials, and careful project planning.

It is pertinent for a project manager to know how to properly estimate the time it takes to complete roof construction or repair and how to allocate tasks to various team members who know carpentry, tiling, and insulation.

Plan delivery schedules to ensure that timber, insulation, tile, shingles, facias, gutters, and other materials are available when needed for the job.

Learn how to plan and order scaffolding and other equipment required for a project.

Communication is also key when it comes time to brief your team members and discuss the best ways to proceed on a job. You will also need to discuss any changes or problems with the architect and the client.

If a roof’s design includes dormer windows or solar panels, it is up to the project manager to work with specialty contractors to integrate the installation of those items into the roofing job. You may need to hire subcontractors who will collaborate with your full-time roofers, and you must keep abreast of every aspect of the project so if problems arise, you can address them immediately.

It is also the project manager’s job to reschedule work in cases of inclement weather.

And then there is safety. Safety is a critical part of the project manager’s job. Because roofing is a high-risk business, project managers must ensure that workers wear their protective equipment, such as hardhats, gloves, and goggles, when needed. They are also responsible for checking the safety of scaffolding and ladders and providing training for those working at heights.

Finally, project managers are responsible for preparing reports for contractors and clients on the financial costs of projects.

Find the training you need to take on this new managerial role as project manager through Cotney Consulting Group’s Roofing Project Management Certification.

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