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John H Kenney III CV Resume

John Kenney: From Rooftop to Boardroom

"It all started on the rooftops of the Northeast - where a young apprentice's dream paved the way to the boardroom in the Roofing Industry."

Meet John Kenney, the Chief Executive Officer of Cotney Consulting Group. John's journey is not just about ascending the corporate ladder; it's a story of relentless dedication, unparalleled expertise, and a passion for the roofing industry that has spanned over 45 years.

From humble beginnings as a roofing apprentice in a family-run business, John's career is a mosaic of challenges turned into opportunities. His tenacity saw him navigating through the bustling markets of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, where he left his mark on numerous successful projects.

What sets John apart? It's his ability to see beyond the blueprint. Whether as a foreman, estimator, or Vice President, he combined skill with vision, transforming his roles into platforms for innovation and excellence. As the Chief Operating Officer of various companies, John's leadership was not just about steering projects to completion but about inspiring teams to surpass their potential.

His expertise is recognized far and wide, significantly contributing to multiple Top 100 Roofing Contractors. In his last role before Cotney, John was the linchpin in the daily operations of a major commercial roofing contractor, driving both craftsmanship and customer service to new heights.

Beyond the boardroom, John is a pillar in the community. His two-decade-long involvement with the West Coast Roofing Contractors Association and FRSA, currently serving on their boards, reflects his commitment to giving back. His volunteer work and mentorship are not just duties but a source of joy and fulfillment.

"Every day, every project, is a chance to make a difference," says John. This philosophy is the bedrock of his approach to business and community service.

As you navigate our site, we invite you to connect with John, whose story is not just about building roofs but raising aspirations and fostering a community of excellence in the roofing industry.

John Kenney
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