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Tampa, Florida, March 16, 2021 – Cotney Consulting Group is pleased to announce that Dataforma, Inc. has now become an affinity partner.

Dataforma is an inclusive service management platform designed by contractors who have experienced much of the same issues that those in the construction industry still face today, such as tracking bids, document storage, tracking warranties, and service department management. Dataforma is a full-service, web-based business management system designed for any business that is in the service management industry, which includes roofing and mechanical contract works. To help contractors save time and money and streamline increasingly complex tasks, they offer various products, including Dataforma Core CRM, Service Management, Customer Portal, Mobile Cards, and GPS Trackers.

As an affinity partner, Dataforma will offer Cotney subscribers a $500 start-up discount and a free custom client portal ($1,800 value). If interested in this benefit, please reach out to Cotney’s customer service team at

“Dataforma is a top-notch product that contractors that can benefit contractors tremendously. As a former roofer, I have worked with Dataforma personally and know firsthand how it can help manage your service department and improve communication with customers,” stated CEO John Kenney of Cotney Consulting Group.

About Cotney Consulting Group

Cotney Consulting Group is dedicated to sharing its knowledge and experience to help roofing contractors achieve success. Connect with John Kenney at ( for a free consultation concerning growing your company for sustained, scalable success. To find out more about consulting services or online training, visit and

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Contact: John Kenney

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