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Tampa, Florida, June 11, 2021 – Cotney Consulting Group is pleased to announce that has become an affinity partner. allows roofing companies to record completed roofing projects on an interactive, online map. Roofing companies are able to record company details, roof construction, waterproofing, tiles, shingles, roof lights, insulation, rainwater products, or anything you install on a roof. Submitted photos and details stay on the website permanently so they can be revisited or found by new customers. The main goal is to have completed roofing projects recorded from all over the world in one place.

As an affinity partner, and Cotney Consulting Group will be working together to spread knowledge about the roofing industry through a podcast, "The World of Roofing," with John Kenney and leading roofing experts from around the world, for the members of roofing industries and the wider public to promote proper roofing craftsmanship.

" is an innovative company that will enable roofing industries around the world to interact and learn from each other," stated John Kenney, CEO of Cotney Consulting Group. "If roofers around the world are able to keep up with innovations and technologies other roofing experts are using, we will be able to continue to grow and improve globally."

"Cotney Consulting Group is a global voice in the roofing industry. With their help, we look forward to putting more high-quality roofs on the map, literally," stated Andrew Rowley, Managing Director of "As more roofs are put on the map, the better the user experience, the more ideas that can be shared and greater inspiration for the next generation of roofers."

About Cotney Consulting Group

Cotney Consulting Group is dedicated to sharing its knowledge and experience to help roofing contractors achieve success. Connect with John Kenney at ( for a free consultation concerning growing your company for sustained, scalable success. To find out more about consulting services or online training, visit and

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Contact: John Kenney

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